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Flowers & Fiber

Shared Harvest
Elgin, Illinois
Become a member of Elgin’s up-and-coming cooperative grocery store.  No store yet, but it is in the
works.  In the meantime there are monthly pop-up markets where you can purchase locally sourced,
organically produced, wild-caught, or other products made from local folks.

Scotch Hill Farm
910 Scotch Hill Rd
Brodhead Wi 53520
Owned and operated by Tony and Dela Ends, Scotch Hill Farm is a traditional market and subscription
garden (both flowers and vegetables), farmstead soap-making business and family farm.

Lamb of God Farm
7s027 Jericho Road
Big Rock, IL  60511-9201

Bumblebee Acres
Elsa Coey & Carissa Troia
Harvard, IL
Organic(non-certified) Vegetables and Fruit,  fiber from English Angora Rabbits, Llamas, Alpacas and
Angora Goats.  Pasture ranged, roaster chickens,heritage turkeys and fresh eggs.

Joshewea’s Garden
OCONOMOWOC WI 53066-9537
Sprouted wheat and spelt flours, soaked cereals, soaked “Crispy” nuts, soaked and sprouted seeds,
Unique granolas and nut butters made with soaked & sproated foods according to the nutritional
principles of Dr. Weston A Price to create “WAPF Convenience Foods”.  Grass-fed lamb meat, available
seasonally and in limited quantities, Shetland Sheep wool available as unwashed fiber, washed fiber.

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