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Cleaning and Personal Care ideas here
Look at our “GREEN” ideas here

Shared Harvest
Elgin, Illinois
Become a member of Elgin’s up-and-coming cooperative grocery store.  No store yet, but it is in the works.  In the
meantime there are monthly pop-up markets where you can purchase locally sourced, organically produced, wild-
caught, or other products made from local folks.

The Noble Carrot
A coop in Pingree Grove
230 Reinking Rd.
Pingree Grove, IL 60140
A Coop extraordinaire!

Our Group Member’s Websites
Dan Juffernbruch’s Patents and Licensing, LLC –
Geri Perry’s Health Advantage:
Robin Migalla’s Health For Life Colon Care – and Astrology
Valerie Howells’ blog –
Meadow Haven Farm –
Download PDFs of our calling card to print and share – Front & Back

Very Local
Chicago WAPF Chapter –
Johnsen’s Feed and Farm – here
WakeUP Workshops – Bob Sandidge and Anne Ward –
Cote~ Garceau’s Our Healing Roots –
The Local Beet –
Geneva Green Market –
Photos by Claire Dassy – by Jess Morrissey –
Esther’s Place –
The Conservation Foundation –

Illinois happenings
Illinois Legislation –
Illinois Stewardship Alliance –

Good to Read
Excerpts from – “Confessions of a Medical Heretic” by Robert S. Mendelsohn –
MeTZelf – Association for Medical and Therapeutic Self-Determination –
Geri’s booklist: Reading list
The Brix Chart –

On The National Front
The Center For Nonviolent Communication –
The Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation (PPNF) –
Weston A Price Foundation:
Wild Fermentation:
Sprout People:
Story of stuff:
Eat Wild:
Farmsites: Agriculture Matters and Beyond Organic
GeoPathfinder (energy efficient food prep):
Composting Instructions –
Apartment composting –
Nourished Life blogspot –
Family Farmed –
True Food Now –
Seed Savers Exchange –

Vaccine Information
How to make Your Own Vaccine:
Vaccine ingredients:
How Mercury Causes Brain Neuron Degeneration – Watch here

Find Local Food

MSG Information
MSG Myth Avenger, Debby Anglesey –
The Slow Poisoning of America, John Erb –
Truth about MSG, A scientific look, Carol Hoernlein –
Truth-in-Labeling Campaign, Jack Samuels –

World’s Healthiest Foods –
Self Nutrition Data –
Foraging with Steve “Wildman” Brill –

Farm Bureaus of Northern Illinois
here for the complete list

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